Wight News on Hold!

Wight News has been on hold for a while now as the weather has turned for the worse. While the weather was good we managed to get one outdoor scene done but we couldn’t get the last one done in time.

The last one was supposed to be filmed at a football match with friends but we never were able to organize it. Now the weather is wet, cold and windy we have to wait until next year when the weather gets a little better.

The outdoor scene that we managed to get done was a very tedious but a good laugh. We filmed it at a friend’s balcony/garden thing at their house while they were on holiday. For the scene we used a handheld microphone for the Anna and Luke while David took on the role of being a sound man. I mounted the main microphone on to the camera for any background noise that we would need.

Hopefully we’ll have this film done by mid 2012.

Luke is getting impatient

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