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New Film – Operation Epic Guardian

Our friend goes to Venezuela, fearing her safety we think of a plan to bring her home.

WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY: David Selby & Joshua Carter


Friends and Family!


As our friend left for a month trip to Venezuela, we genuinely feared that she may be captured and held hostage in a land very foreign to us. Our paranoia was completely un-called for. She had an amazing experience.

Days after she left, we all got together to make an epic film complete with a Jason Bourne style operation and some thoughtful video messages to help her cope with any feelings of homesick. We emailed it out to her and it went down a treat.

Safe to say we all made some fantastic memories.

View the Behind the Scenes video below.

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New Film – Operation Phoenix

Here we are! Finally a new film after a whole year!

So theres been no filmmaking activity from us in a while?

Have no fear!



Epic camera gear and old scripts are used as props

Again David came up with the EPIC idea for this one, and I filmed most of it and put it together. We make a good team!

We managed to convince friends of ours to have faith in our filmmaking skills to come and act in our Jason Bourne, MI6 spoof movie. They did a good job!

David Selby giving Levi Mansbridge and Andrew Long Direction

David Selby giving Levi Mansbridge and Andrew Long Direction


Edited by: Joshua Carter


Jordan Young

Thomas Young

Joel Waithe

Andrew Long

Levi Mansbridge

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GoPro HD Hero 2

It has arrived!

I’ve recently bought myself an awesome GoPro HD Hero 2. One of the best things I’ve ever bought, close match to my IPhone 4.

I really love the 120fps slow motion applicabilities of this tiny little camera. Shame that when it shoots that many frames a second it loses quality – but who cares? Everything still looks awesome!

It amazes me how robust the housing it for it. Check out the video below of it stuck to my car.

How awesome can it get? But wait… it gets even better.

Check out this music video I made containing lots of GoPro footage I’ve acquired since I’ve had it.

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Wight News on Hold!

Wight News has been on hold for a while now as the weather has turned for the worse. While the weather was good we managed to get one outdoor scene done but we couldn’t get the last one done in time.

The last one was supposed to be filmed at a football match with friends but we never were able to organize it. Now the weather is wet, cold and windy we have to wait until next year when the weather gets a little better.

The outdoor scene that we managed to get done was a very tedious but a good laugh. We filmed it at a friend’s balcony/garden thing at their house while they were on holiday. For the scene we used a handheld microphone for the Anna and Luke while David took on the role of being a sound man. I mounted the main microphone on to the camera for any background noise that we would need.

Hopefully we’ll have this film done by mid 2012.

Luke is getting impatient

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Short little advert for NEW MAN hair products!


David came up with this – it was virtually unscripted but it came out really well and it was great fun to make.

It was the first time that Luke used the microphone with boom pole and the external audio recorder. It seemed like a professional film shoot!


David Selby


David Mansfield

Simon West

Barbara Mansfield






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My Micra v Bimmer

My Nissan Micra overtakes a BMW!

The exterior car shots were shot with a HD Bullet Camera from Dogcam Sport but I dubbed over the sound.

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HD Bullet Camera Test

Bought a Dogcam Sport HD bullet camera which is an awesome little thing that shoots at 720p. Of cause there are better bullet cameras but this is pretty good for such a small size, and I stuck to my brother’s car for a little test video. Maybe in the future I could use it in a film. Perhaps in a S.A.S raid?

The Camera



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The UK Riots of 2011 have reached the Isle of Wight – Whitwell has unleashed Apple HELL.

I had a load of friends and family over for a BBQ one Sunday afternoon and we ended up having the most epic apple fight ever with crab/cooking apples. The objective is simply to hit the other opponent and we protect ourselves with bats and planks of wood etc. Its a lot of fun.

I decided to film it for fun. Then I thought I’d edit it together and I ended up with an epic film!

The song is called ‘Escape’ by Craig Armstrong.

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Wagon arrives at Whitwell Station

I made a video for my parents business about the delivery of an old, vintage train wagon at our house. Its basically decoration for it and the self catering business.

My parents run a self catering holiday accommodation business at the house, which is an old Railway Station. The waiting room and ticket office were converted into two cottages nearly 20 years ago, while we live in the Station Master part of the house.

The new wagon adds to feel of the unique holiday location, and this video will be an help in the advertisement.

Visit the website –


Wight News!

Luke and David looking good.

My new gadget went to good use!

Frame from the Studio Scene

‘Wight News’ will be a comedy news sketch set where we live on the Isle of Wight. We’ve been working on the studio scenes, which are done and look pretty good. Only 2 more main scenes now have to be done now – the weather and the sports which I’m in! There will be little mini scenes as well that will be used as footage for the news headlines.

For the studio scenes, I had Luke and David sitting at their anchor desk with their ‘papers’ and laptops, with the Rode Stereo Videomic above them on a stand connected to a portable audio device. This mean’t I needed the clapperboard so I could sync the footage with the audio. The scene was lit by two halogen lights on separate stands pointed up on to the ceiling. The ceiling acted as a deflector and gave a nice soft light on to the ‘anchormen’.

We filmed over 1 and a half hours worth of footage for only 5 mins worth of scenes!

Facebook Pictures


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