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GoPro HD Hero 2

It has arrived!

I’ve recently bought myself an awesome GoPro HD Hero 2. One of the best things I’ve ever bought, close match to my IPhone 4.

I really love the 120fps slow motion applicabilities of this tiny little camera. Shame that when it shoots that many frames a second it loses quality – but who cares? Everything still looks awesome!

It amazes me how robust the housing it for it. Check out the video below of it stuck to my car.

How awesome can it get? But wait… it gets even better.

Check out this music video I made containing lots of GoPro footage I’ve acquired since I’ve had it.

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My Micra v Bimmer

My Nissan Micra overtakes a BMW!

The exterior car shots were shot with a HD Bullet Camera from Dogcam Sport but I dubbed over the sound.

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HD Bullet Camera Test

Bought a Dogcam Sport HD bullet camera which is an awesome little thing that shoots at 720p. Of cause there are better bullet cameras but this is pretty good for such a small size, and I stuck to my brother’s car for a little test video. Maybe in the future I could use it in a film. Perhaps in a S.A.S raid?

The Camera



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Wagon arrives at Whitwell Station

I made a video for my parents business about the delivery of an old, vintage train wagon at our house. Its basically decoration for it and the self catering business.

My parents run a self catering holiday accommodation business at the house, which is an old Railway Station. The waiting room and ticket office were converted into two cottages nearly 20 years ago, while we live in the Station Master part of the house.

The new wagon adds to feel of the unique holiday location, and this video will be an help in the advertisement.

Visit the website –


TVR Sagaris and S3 Drive Video

Awesome video featuring two awesome TVRs from two different eras. A TVR S3 and TVR Sagaris.

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TVR Sagaris in our Drive Way!

I was playing FIFA online yesterday, to have my brother walk in and tell me to ‘take a look at this Sagaris outside!’ You’d think I’d run out there immediately…I finished my game first.

So its a TVR, hand made British cars from Blackpool. Lightweight and fast. My brother actually owns a TVR S3, but this Sagaris was the last model TVR made before they shut down in 2006. Its owned by a fellow TVR lover, and its in two colours. Its pearlescent. As you move around the car it’s colour changes – amazing. Apparently £1500 a litre for the paint!

Heres some photos:

He started it up (oh my) and reversed it down the drive (unfortunately) but we saw and heard him speed away at the entrance. Heres a video:


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