TVR Sagaris and S3 Drive Video

Awesome video featuring two awesome TVRs from two different eras. A TVR S3 and TVR Sagaris.

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New Website Online!

I’ve finally completed the new website – check it out! I’ve tried to make it as visually appealing as possible, giving clear links to all my content including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and my blog. I’ve also made it easier for myself in the sense of adding films and editing the site in general.

There are a few glitches with the site with some browsers. So far I know of problems with Firefox and Internet Explorer, but it all works fine in Safari and Chrome…as far as I know. I know that black boxes appear around linked images, I know what it is but I have no idea how to get rid of it. It’s not too much of a problem because I don’t think it completely ruins the look of the site. I’m afraid I’m still relatively new to Dreamweaver.  If you find any other glitches, please email me.

But please, go check it out!

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Bend it like Beckham

Yeah…I’m brilliant at football…

I haven’t uploaded this to my main channel because its not that good. Its not exciting enough! If you haven’t guessed already, its fake. I did it in After Effects by merging two elements together and making the ball change course. I recorded me kicking the ball normally and where I want the ball to hit/land, then I masked out the ball, made it curl and line up with the ball landing while covering up the original ball. It came out quite nicely. However, I had some problems when recording the footage from the camcorder on to the computer. You can see it in the video, it’s a bit jumpy. I don’t know why so I’ll have to do some tests. It might be because I converted it from 25 to 24 frames per seconds.

Its only test really for a video I had in mind.

See the raw footage here:

Some making of photos:


Ball Masked Out

New Ball

Both Balls

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TVR Sagaris in our Drive Way!

I was playing FIFA online yesterday, to have my brother walk in and tell me to ‘take a look at this Sagaris outside!’ You’d think I’d run out there immediately…I finished my game first.

So its a TVR, hand made British cars from Blackpool. Lightweight and fast. My brother actually owns a TVR S3, but this Sagaris was the last model TVR made before they shut down in 2006. Its owned by a fellow TVR lover, and its in two colours. Its pearlescent. As you move around the car it’s colour changes – amazing. Apparently £1500 a litre for the paint!

Heres some photos:

He started it up (oh my) and reversed it down the drive (unfortunately) but we saw and heard him speed away at the entrance. Heres a video:


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Basic Webpage Layout

I’ve been working on a basic webpage layout by following some awesome Dreamweaver Tutorials. Its pretty boring but my website will be awesome.

I’ve learnt how to position things and how to make a good looking interactive navigation menu. Its kind of similar to what I’m planning for my site.

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A Blog!

Hey guys, I just set up this blog where I will posting updates and the makings of some of my films.

At the moment I’m trying to revamp my site using Dreamweaver. Its a pain to use. So complicated.