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New Film – Operation Phoenix

Here we are! Finally a new film after a whole year!

So theres been no filmmaking activity from us in a while?

Have no fear!



Epic camera gear and old scripts are used as props

Again David came up with the EPIC idea for this one, and I filmed most of it and put it together. We make a good team!

We managed to convince friends of ours to have faith in our filmmaking skills to come and act in our Jason Bourne, MI6 spoof movie. They did a good job!

David Selby giving Levi Mansbridge and Andrew Long Direction

David Selby giving Levi Mansbridge and Andrew Long Direction


Edited by: Joshua Carter


Jordan Young

Thomas Young

Joel Waithe

Andrew Long

Levi Mansbridge

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Wight News!

Luke and David looking good.

My new gadget went to good use!

Frame from the Studio Scene

‘Wight News’ will be a comedy news sketch set where we live on the Isle of Wight. We’ve been working on the studio scenes, which are done and look pretty good. Only 2 more main scenes now have to be done now – the weather and the sports which I’m in! There will be little mini scenes as well that will be used as footage for the news headlines.

For the studio scenes, I had Luke and David sitting at their anchor desk with their ‘papers’ and laptops, with the Rode Stereo Videomic above them on a stand connected to a portable audio device. This mean’t I needed the clapperboard so I could sync the footage with the audio. The scene was lit by two halogen lights on separate stands pointed up on to the ceiling. The ceiling acted as a deflector and gave a nice soft light on to the ‘anchormen’.

We filmed over 1 and a half hours worth of footage for only 5 mins worth of scenes!

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